The "Zerek Bala" national academic competition
December 9, 2023 for students in grades 2-6 of the MOF "BILIM ORDA" and educational organizations that have concluded a memorandum with the fund. Participation fee – 700 tenge
The goal of the event is to support the gifted and talented students as well as to raise awareness and foster their interest in civic duty.
The goal
Time of the event
2nd grades
5th grades
6th grades
3rd grades
4th grades
(Astana time)
Reading literacy
10 points
Mathematical literacy
10 points
Regarding independence
10 points
Competition questions come in the form of tests, according to the program. There will be 20 questions in total
Types of questions
Competition regulations
There is no limit on the number of participants. However, each school may involve its students depending on the capacity
The competition shall be held in the Computer lab (a computer-equipped office)
Along with the Kazakh group, Russian and English groups can also participate in the competition. The questions are adapted accordingly and given in Kazakh, Russian, and English.
Questions will be sent at the beginning of the competition via a link to the Zoom platform chat or to vice-principals. Students can answer their group's question
The winners of the competition are determined by the points scored and take separate places in their groups. The winning students are awarded with diplomas
The office in which the participants of the marathon sit must be in a state that allows the organizers to be fully visible on the screen.
During the competition, no one should be near the student. Only at the beginning of each section will the adult observer be asked to help the students so that they can open the link.
The competition will be held synchronously via Zoom
Students who are late for the marathon time will not be able to participate.
Students in grades 2-6 can participate in the competition. The competition will be held in Astana time. After each section, the office should be ventilated
Please note
Lists of persons observing in the classroom must be previously sent to the organizers and must not be class teachers or assistants to participating students.